CCTV home security systems for Skye

There’s no doubt that protecting your property and the people you love is high on your list of priorities.

Luckily, there are many simple measures you can take to protect both –  including the latest innovations in the industry.

Install CCTV and/or home alarm systems – anywhere in Skye

These types of solutions are not only great deterrents, but they will also assist you to recover your items and prosecute thieves after the fact. Speak to our team about the latest innovations and how we can help you install the best technology at an affordable price.

We offer the latest innovations

There is almost nothing better to send an intruder scrambling for safety than a home alarm system with a roaring siren, flashing lights and back-to-base reporting.

While the fundamentals of the technology remain the same, the modern world means there has been a range of innovations added to make these systems even more effective.

Our team has a two-decade long association with industry-leaders Bosch, who have some of the most innovative products available on the market.

Here are some of the features their systems come packed with and how they can protect your home from unwanted intruders.

Small sirens, huge deterrent

The Bosch systems come packed with piezo sirens which may be small in size, but they will punch out a 105dB wail. That is louder than a jet takeoff, an outboard motor at close range, a jackhammer, a motorcycle or a garbage truck.

In fact, this is more than a deterrent. At close range, this siren is agony on the ear and intruders will have no choice but to flee.

Modern motion detectors

Bosch systems come equipped with Wireless Blue Line GEN2 Detectors which feature cutting-edge technology. These motion detectors are so smart, they can tell the difference between your pet and an intruder – unless you have a large dog that weighs over 45kg.

They are also made to handle the elements, operating at optimum levels even when there is high condensation, fog or rain. Part of the smart technology means that they also learn from false alarms, adapting to not set off the unit from repeat sources that are not a threat.

Designed for various conditions

Not every home in Skye is the same and there are different models for different house layouts. Bosch has products specifically designed for single-storey, multi-storey and homes with roof access points as well.

Alarm panels with more features than ever

The Solution 2000, 3000 and 6000 alarm panels are highly flexible and come with a range of features.

They can be programmed to secure up to 16 zones and you can have as many as 32 different user codes – which makes them just as effective for commercial premises as they are for homes.

You can also connect up to 16 different wireless devices to them, which means the entire family or multiple staff members can be alerted when there is a breach.

The home security camera system also includes a feature where it can be split into two systems in one, enabling you to also secure your garage and extensions or other on-site buildings like granny flats.

There are also multiple back-to-base options available, including wired phone lines, mobile networks and the internet – with all Solution 2000 and 3000 panels including NBN compatibility. These panels also include LCD graphical interfaces for ease of use.

For more information on the Bosch range, get in touch with our friendly, helpful team now.

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