Security camera installation for all Noble Park properties

When you invest in something, it is important to secure that investment – especially when you are talking about the home that you and your family live in.

CCTV Melbourne offers state-of-the-art security systems that can protect your Noble Park property and allow you to live your life without fear of intruders or being burgled.

Our team is experienced with installations and can offer the latest technologies for affordable prices that will deter criminals, identify them to police and give you around the clock monitoring of your property – even when you are not at home.

The facts about crime in the Noble Park region of Melbourne

Noble Park is a great place for families with the aquatic centre (and water slides), open reserves and amenities all close to hand.

It is located in the Dandenong region, south of the Melbourne CBD and property prices have eased to a median of $600,000 which makes it a great place for first-home buyers and investors alike.

For those living in the region, or looking to buy and move to Noble Park, security is essential to ensure peace of mind and the ultimate lifestyle.

Unfortunately, like most parts of Australia, crime has risen in the region with RACV figures showing that one in 85 homes have been burgled in 2019. That is higher than the state average of one in 91 homes.

So, it is important to have the proper security measures to ensure that you don’t become another statistic.


Secure your property with the latest advances in home security cameras

Video surveillance has come a long way in recent years. Technological advancements mean that you can now enjoy:

  • HD quality video
  • Long-range recording with large storage devices
  • Infrared and night vision capabilities
  • Remote access to video streams using your mobile device
  • Smart sensors that learn from false alarms and can tell the difference between a human and an animal
  • Facial recognition capabilities and software
  • Advanced zooming technologies
  • Thermal sensing and much, much more.

Installing home security cameras at your property will do more than just catch crooks in the act, they will offer a visual deterrent that is highly likely to prevent them from trying to break into your property.

And should they try to break in any way, their faces will be clearly identifiable to assist police and also be tendered in court as evidence.

As well as providing security for your home, our CCTV security systems will also help drive down your home insurance premiums as most providers look favourable at people who install these devices.

Speak to your provider – some will even provide assistance in funding the purchase and installation of these cameras.

Our team will work with you to find the right solution for your property at a price point you can afford, to help protect your family, possessions and home from intrusion.


Contact the team at CCTV Melbourne on 1300 130 115 to speak about your options.

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