Protect your Narre Warren property with CCTV home security technologies

Narre Warren presents a great suburb for families to live in, with affordable home prices and easy access to the Melbourne CBD via the M1 freeway.

Accessibility to the city means you can have the best of both worlds, with Narre Warren also boasting all of the facilities and amenities locally that a family could need.

The area also has excellent restaurants, shopping, access to schools and medical facilities and is also in striking distance of national parks, the bay or the Dandenongs. This makes for excellent weekend trips away.

But is your property secure while you shop? While you work? While you visit the many local attractions? CCTV home security cameras ensure your property is protected around the clock – even when you are not around.

Safeguarding your Narre Warren property

Fortunately for residents living in the Narre Warren region, the suburb is rated as being a below average risk of burglary, according to the latest RACV Victorian Burglary Statistics.

Unfortunately, this can open the door to complacency and while the crime rates are lower here, opportunistic thieves are still present and can present a risk to you and your family.

The RACV data shows that 1 in 72 properties were burgled in the region during 2019 alone,  which highlights the need to protect your premises, possessions and family members using the latest in home security camera installation.

Modern CCTV installation comes with more features at a lower price

The good news for those that might have not considered CCTV home security solutions in the past because of cost, is that modern solutions are more affordable than ever.

We have been installing security solutions in the Greater Melbourne region for decades and are pleased to offer the most high-tech solutions yet that can meet the average family budget.

They include features like:

  • HD, 1080p recording to pick up every detail and ensure offenders are identified
  • Long-range hard drives to store all of the vision and use in police investigations and court cases as required
  • Facial recognition software which can be linked to national databases
  • Thermal imaging and night vision capabilities
  • The ability to access and view the vision remotely using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Not only is this technology advanced, it can also drastically reduce your insurance as many providers will give you incentives if you proactively protect your Narre Warren premises.

That means not only is the technology affordable, but it can be totally offset by the savings you will get with your insurance provider.

CCTV cameras are also effective in acting as a deterrent against crime as well as a tool to identify offenders, as many would-be criminals are opportunistic and will not target properties with visible cameras.

Our technicians will install the cameras to cover all of the entry points of your home and also be a visible deterrent.

For more information on the options available for your Narre Warren premises, please contact our team now.

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