Protect your Hampton Park home with security camera installation

You can’t put a price on the safety and security of your property or family.  But thanks to CCTV Melbourne, you don’t need to spend a fortune in order to achieve that level of peace of mind.

Dedicated to offering comprehensive systems, installed by professionals at price points that anyone can afford, we allow you to feel as if your home is as protected as possible – right around the clock.


The crime statistics for Hampton Park you need to know

Hampton Park is a fantastic suburb of Melbourne located in the City of Casey about 36km southeast of the CBD.

It offers affordable living, new housing developments and plenty of public amenities to make it an attractive place for young families and those looking to buy their first home.

Unfortunately, the suburb is not immune to opportunistic crime and statistics show that residents have a strong chance of being robbed or burgled. In fact, RACV research shows that one in 109 properties are likely to be burgled, which is higher than the council average (one in 100) and the Victorian average (one in 91).

This is also a figure that is rising year on year, which means that you cannot afford to not secure your property in Hampton Park.


The benefits of security and CCTV cameras

Installing CCTV security systems will deliver a raft of benefits for you and your Hampton Park property.

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy by investing in this kind of technology:

  • They offer a visual deterrent: Having cameras placed in strategic locations is likely to deter criminals from ever attempting to enter your property. Our team will ensure that the cameras are not only placed in crucial locations to cover all of the entry points to your property but are clearly visible so intruders always think twice.
  • Protect against package theft: In the modern world, we love to shop online. Unfortunately, this can make the job easy for opportunistic criminals who love to scoop up delivered packages when residents are not around. CCTV systems can deter against this theft and catch criminals in the act.
  • Reduce insurance premiums: Many insurance companies will offer reduced premiums and even offer incentives to help fund the installation of CCTV and security systems. Speak to your insurance provider about the benefits you can enjoy.
  • Help prosecute criminals: Modern CCTV security systems feature advanced HD imagery and have large hard drives to store the footage on. That means criminals are easily identified and the footage can be tendered in court to help prosecute them. It also helps police with their investigations so you have a better chance of getting your possessions back if you are a victim of crime.

We offer advanced CCTV and security systems for all budgets, all installed by our team of experienced professionals. Contact us today on 1300 130 115 to find out more.


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