Why invest in CCTV security camera installation?

There are many great reasons to install CCTV cameras at your Dingley property – and that extends beyond just crime deterrence and prosecution.

This type of solution can be used for capturing criminals in the act and recording vision that will be invaluable for police and potential court cases as evidence.

But there are also many other benefits that home security cameras like these can offer you as well, so you can protect your Dingley property and your family. Best of all, backed by a quality line up of experts, we can ensure your system is well-maintained for the long-run.


The benefits CCTV security

Insurance deductions

Many insurance companies will favour you for proactively setting up measures to prevent crime from happening in the first place. You can get deductions from your premiums and in some cases, insurance firms will even provide rebates for your CCTV installation.

Speak to your home insurance company about the benefits they may provide you with this kind of solution.

They help prevent vandalism

While many people have theft and home intrusion at the forefront of their thinking when installing system on their Dingley property, they also act as a visual deterrent for a range of other crimes. Petty vandalism can be common in Australia and there is almost nothing worse than to wake up to a damaged car or parts of your property.

Vandals will think twice when faced with the eye of a camera.

Technology has improved

While CCTV has existed for many decades, modern innovations mean they are capable of so much more. That includes remote operation and monitoring from your mobile device and greater abilities to record for long periods of time without the need for costly, extra storage devices.

You can screen who has access to your house

Unfortunately, we no longer live in a society where we can safely and happily open our front doors to anyone who knocks. We want to know the person knocking is someone we know or has the right identification and certifications before we open the door.

CCTV cameras allow you to monitor who is at your gate and your front door before you open your home up to them.

Take care of loved ones

The benefits of remote monitoring mean that you can help protect loved ones who may be vulnerable on their own.

You can utilise CCTV installation to monitor the outside of grandparent’s home, for example, and keep an eye on it from your mobile device whenever you need.

You can protect the safety of yourself and your family

What would you do if you heard a disturbance in the middle of the night? What if you could hear someone trying to break into your home?

Confronting a criminal can be extremely dangerous, as you never know what they are capable of.

Security cameras allow you to assess situations without putting yourself in harm’s way –  whether it’s the neighbour’s cat up to no good, or a much larger threat.

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