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WizSense Series

What is WizSense

Launched by Dahua Technology, WizSense is a series of wide range AI products and solutions that adopt independent AI chip and deep learning algorithm. It can recognize human and vehicle in an image with high accuracy, enabling users to focus on real targets. WizSense focuses on human and vehicle, benefiting everyone with intelligent functions, simple configuration and inclusive products.

In 2018, Dahua Technology innovated the Smart Motion Detection (SMD) Technology to differentiate human and vehicular shapes within a scene and send alarms to secure your business and family.
The use of SMD is closely integrated with the scene, and the scene itself often requires diversification. Therefore, as the application of SMD in the industry continues to deepen, the demands of users for SMD applications will become more and more diverse according to different scenarios.Dahua has been continuously addressing the requirements of various application scenarios by dedicating its efforts to the optimization and innovation of SMD.


  •  H.265 codec, high compression rate, ultra-low bit rate.
  • Built-in IR LED, max. IR distance: 50 m.
  •  ROI, SMART H.264 +/H.265+, AI H.264/H.265, flexible coding, applicable to various bandwidth and storage environments.
  •  WDR, 3D NR, HLC, BLC, digital watermarking, applicable to various monitoring scenes.
  •  Intelligent detection: Intrusion, tripwire (support the classification and accurate detection of vehicle and human).
  •  Abnormality detection: Motion detection, privacy masking, scene changing, audio detection, no SD card, SD card full, SD card error, network disconnection, IP conflict, illegal access, and voltage detection.
  •  Max. 256 G Micro SD card. built-in Mic.
  •  12 VDC/PoE power supply, easy for installation.
  •  IP67 protection.
  • Management Software Smart PSS; DSS; DMSS
  • SMD 3.0:With upgraded AI capabilities, the SMD(Smart motion detection) function filters out irrelevant objects in the scene. Equipped with new deep learning algorithm, SMD 3.0 is optimized to filter out small and large animals in the scene to avoid triggering false alarms. Also, SMD 3.0 can detect the color information of clothing and vehicle for data support of quick search after an event.
  • Quick Pick: Quick Pick technology can quickly identify human/vehicle targets of interest, which optimizes the search for relevant SMD events. With excellent integration of intelligent functions of both cameras and recorders, this feature can search human/vehicle targets based on AI algorithm that can extract and compare clothing and vehicle colors.
  • AI SSA:AI SSA (Scene Self-adaption) technology is based on deep learning algorithm that can intelligently identify multiple scenes and adjust to their optimal images.
  • AI Coding(IP Solution): With the improvement of monitoring resolution, how to maintain image quality while saving storage cost has become one of the most concerning problems of users. Based on CBR (Constant Bit Rate), WizSense AI Coding dynamically allocate bit rate, providing clear target images while saving more than 25% bit rate compared with H.265.






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