Secure your Clyde home with the latest in home security systems including the latest Home Alarm System and Security Cameras.

Located about 50km from the Melbourne CBD is the developing suburb of Clyde, an expansive area that presents opportunities for many first-home buyers and families to own their own property.

There are several major projects planned for the region including schools, public transport options, childcare centres, commercial facilities and retail centres which ensure the region will grow well into the future.

It is an attractive option for people looking to buy their dream property and investors alike – but securing that investment is critical.

Crime not only robs you of your possessions but your feeling of safety and peace of mind in your own home as well, which is why it is vital to consider home security cameras when purchasing in Clyde.

Is crime a big deal in Clyde?

Clyde is located in the City of Casey and recorded a population of 2117 at the last Census in 2016, but that population is rapidly rising.

Unfortunately, like every new boom suburb, it has also become a target for opportunistic thieves looking for unsecured property and valuables.

RACV Victorian Burglary Statistics reveal that 1 in 46 homes were burgled in 2019, a higher rate than the council average of 1 in 100 and the Victorian average of 1 in 91.

It is also a figure that has risen in recent years, up from 1 in 19 properties in 2016. This highlights the need to protect your assets, family and property with efficient security solutions, including CCTV technologies.

Affordable, high-tech CCTV solutions available to protect your Clyde property

CCTV Melbourne has been installing security solutions for decades and has seen a lot of changes to the technology in this time.

Today, CCTV security solutions are more affordable than ever and include modern features that include:

  • Thermal imaging, night vision and facial recognition capabilities to identify thieves more easily than ever before
  • HD vision that picks up every detail – no more low res, blurry images
  • Long-range hard drives so you can save and store the vision which can be used in police investigations and court cases when required
  • Connection to your smart devices so you can access the vision when you are away from your property

These cameras act as a visual deterrent against crime as well and our technicians will install them in locations that cover the entire outside of your premises while also making would-be criminals think twice about accessing your property.

Be sure to speak to your insurer as well, as incentives are often available including discounts that will eliminate the up-front cost of installing CCTV cameras on your property..

Speak to our team about the options available, with solutions to suit most budgets and available to secure all types of properties in the Clyde region of Melbourne.

If you are living in Clyde or looking to buy in the area, contact our team now  to discuss what options are available to you.

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