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Considering the rather excellent geographical position of Clayton, the crime rate is surprisingly higher than it ought to be. In the past year, there have been 245 burglaries in the suburb, and a further 1,221 other property crimes. That makes a total of 1,466 property crimes in Clayton, or just under 30 every week.

Now that you know this, you probably should be giving serious thought to getting CCTV camera installation. Clayton, for some reason has crime that’s out of proportion with the surrounding suburbs.
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Benefits of Investing in Your Clayton Home Security

Home security camera systems can act as a good deterrent to crime. Criminals are much less likely to target a house that has taken obvious steps to make it more secure, although it is worth noting that the presence of a CCTV camera is much more effective than simply having an alarm system alone.  

Criminals know that they will most likely be long gone before the police can show up in response to an alarm, whereas if their image is captured by home surveillance systems, fleeing the scene won’t be much help.

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So that’s one of the advantages of home CCTV but there are others, such as the chance to get generous discounts on your insurance premiums. Really, as you can see, for the security of your property and the safety of your family, it is essential to have CCTV security systems in Clayton.

While you are looking for a CCTV system for home use, don’t overlook the importance of choosing the right security cameras. The Installation of low quality cameras will render your CCTV installation virtually ineffective.

Home Surveillance in Clayton

You won’t have that problem when you purchase a system from our range of systems and alarms. Our products are made to top grade standards and despite some of our systems being described as home security cameras Clayton residents can rely on, they’re also deemed fit for industrial use. 

If you’re having trouble choosing which CCTV or CCTV systems are best for your home, our team of home security pros can lend you a lifeline. Our advice will ensure that you choose the best system for your requirements and our professional CCTV camera installation service ensures your product is fitted correctly for maximum effectiveness.

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If you have a question about CCTV systems in Clayton in general or if you’d like to schedule an appointment for security camera installation in your Clayton home, you can give us a call now on 1300 130 115 and we’ll be happy to help.

As more homes adopt, the crime rate should begin to drop down to normal levels. So the very best thing you can do if you’re a permanent resident of Clayton is get a CCTV camera system for your Clayton property. 

CCTV Cameras and Alarms Melbourne specialise is security camera installation and alarm systems. We service all suburbs around Melbourne, including Keilor, Kensington, Moorabbin, Newport and Pascoe Vale.
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