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Burnside is not just the name of the world’s most devious Detective Chief Inspector; it is also the name of one of Melbourne’s best outer north-western suburbs. The name is actually derived from the fact that it’s situated opposite Caroline Springs on the other side of the burn (which is the Scottish word for a creek).

Needless to say, it is a very good location, with affordable housing and a great atmosphere. The only thing that could be potentially a cause for concern is that property crime is slightly above average in this area, so you probably ought to give some thought to CCTV camera installation. Burnside, being so far from the city centre means police response times are likely to be lower, so even if you have a good alarm system installed, perpetrators will be likely to have fled the scene before police can arrive to apprehend them.
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Burnside CCTV Installation

This is where home surveillance systems can be so important. CCTV systems give you the best chance of recovering your assets if they are stolen, because it doesn’t help the thief to run away if his or her image has been captured by a CCTV camera. Many times the only thing that has helped police to solve a property crime has been evidence collected by home security camera systems.

When choose a home CCTV system, it’s important to make sure to choose only the best security cameras. Installation of high quality cameras is the most important part of investing in your home security.

Home Surveillance in Burnside

As the most trusted name in home security in Melbourne, we’ve got you covered and can install the best high tech and most suitable CCTV camera system in your Burnside home. Using inferior components in your CCTV installation won’t help police identify burglars because the images captured won’t be good enough. We know what kind of CCTV system for home use is best, and have helped countless homeowners in Melbourne to secure their properties from potential danger.

What To Consider When Choosing A Burnside Home Security System

The cost of your CCTV camera installation can be recovered through the substantial insurance discounts you will qualify for as a result of installing CCTV security systems. Burnside having a comparatively high crime rate causes many Australian insurance providers to increase their coverage premiums for this area because they view it as an area of increased risk to them.

By proving they have purchased security camera installation, Burnside residents can then qualify for discounted premiums for as long as they remain at the same residence. This should normally apply for both home and car insurance, so the savings can be substantial.

Contact the Burnside CCTV Security Experts Today!

Those are just a few of the benefits of CCTV systems Burnside residents can expect to receive when they install security cameras. Burnside isn’t exactly a den of crime, but it is good to know that thanks to your CCTV, you will have additional peace of mind and security. Your home and family will have greater protection, and this is always something worth investing in.

For advice about the best CCTV solutions for your home, contact VIP Security Services (Aust) Pty Ltd. We can provide you with everything you need for home security, including CCTV systems and much more.

CCTV Cameras and Alarms Melbourne specialise is security camera installation and alarm systems. We service all suburbs around Melbourne, including Clayton, Docklands, Essendon, Flemington and Footscray.
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