Protect your Belfield property with home security cameras

The suburb of Belfield is proving to be an inner-city gem in Melbourne property owners across the board.

Located just 9km from Melbourne’s Central Business District, buyers and investors are discovering affordable housing with the convenience of being close to all of the city’s major attractions and retail outlets.

The suburb itself presents perfect liveability, with tree-lined streets, parkland and creeks that merges nature with housing.

There are plenty of recreation facilities and new properties and units are popping up all the time, making it a bit of a hidden gem for those looking to purchase a place or invest in one.

Unfortunately, Belfield is not immune to the impact of crime which is why it is important for residents and buyers to consider home security camera system installation to protect their investment.

The crime statistics for Belfield you need to know

According to the latest RACV Victorian Burglary Statistics, Belfield has an above-average risk factor when it comes to burglaries.

Figures show that 1 in 56  properties were broken into during 2019, which is worse than the council average of 1 in 87, and the Victorian average of 1 in 91 homes.

Opportunistic thieves have increased their activities in the Belfield region, with burglaries rising from 1 in 30 in 2016 to the current rate.

How CCTV installation can safeguard your assets

CCTV Melbourne has a range of home security options that can prevent burglaries and help recover stolen items if you are targeted by thieves.

Technologies have improved significantly in recent years and modern CCTV cameras are affordable and effective at being a deterrent as well as a valuable tool in bringing criminals to justice.

Our home security systems feature the latest in HD video technology, allowing for easy identification of perpetrators and the footage can be used to assist in police investigations and during the court process.

These solutions also feature smart technologies like night vision and the ability to monitor the camera feed from smart devices. Each design comes with a large hard drive included so you can record and refer to days of HD footage easily and effectively.

Our experienced team of technicians will also install the cameras in tactical locations that not only cover the entire exterior of your property but are highly visible to act as deterrents for would-be thieves.

And these systems come with additional benefits, including reduced premiums on your insurance. Many providers even offer immediate incentives for being proactive and installing this kind of technology.

We have a large range of options to suit all of the different types of properties in the Belfield region, available for all budgets.

Speak to our experienced team today to discuss the best option for your property and avoid becoming another statistic. Don’t let your assets be violated by thieves in the suburb of Belfield.

For more information on how CCTV Melbourne can help secure your property with CCTV and home security options, contact us now to get started.

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